What Our Clients Say

I have naturally oily skin and was worried that the kareneki wash wouldn’t be able to handle the oil build up that accumulates over the course of the day, but my skin was instantly soft after using the wash and I wasn’t very shiny. The serum is also great, it reduced the puffiness under my eyes and evened out the texture of my skin in some problem areas.


Haeru is a wonderfully versatile product at the perfect price point! I have used it in my hair, (I have curly hair and it’s great to combat frizz throughout the day) to cool off in the summer, cure patches of dry skin in the winter, and to set my makeup. The whole Kanreki line is wonderful as well! My skin feels soft and rejuvenated everyday.


One morning I found myself without shaving cream and decided to try my wife’s Kanreki facial wash. Surprisingly it produces a great lather and I have noticed less irritation and redness even when compared to shaving products for ‘sensitive’ skin. Highly recommended for anyone frustrated with the lack of selection of quality men facial/shaving products.